Adjustments - what exactly are they?

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First, you must understand all about Vertebral Subluxations
An adjustment is a force introduced by a chiropractor to correct this Vertebral Subluxation.  The art of chiropractic consists of properly locating and determining the absolute best way of removing this interference for this person on this particular day.  Just as you can "never step in the same stream twice," the human body is a little different every single day.  Every individual will receive slightly different care on every single visit.

The most common question we are asked  about our adjustments is: "Will the adjustment hurt?"
99% of them do not hurt.  There are some individuals, based on their condition, who are hypersensitive to pain.  It will be slightly uncomfortable for a split second on those areas.  Just like if you press on a bruise, it bothers you until you stop pressing.  The same for the adjustment.  The biggest difference is that most people report relief after an adjustment, and their body functions better which allows that person to heal their own body.

In our office, we make our adjustments as gentle as possible, while still getting the job done.  We take pride in being able to deliver our care to a sleeping infant, without waking up the child.  There are some moves that might cause momentary discomfort to an adult, but most of our clients are surprised in how little force it can take to remove their nerve interference.

Chiropractic actually translates into "Done by Hand."  We mostly use our hands to deliver adjustments, but we also have several other tools available, depending on your preferences and needs.  We have special blocks that have helped people be able to walk again after severe disc issues, and what we call the "clicker" - a handheld tool that delivers a very specific force in a specific direction. 

You can read about adjustments as much as you want, but you really need to experience them to find out what they are like.  Click here for a deal on your first visit.