What Denette Family Chiropractic is doing to enhance our Community

Denette Family Chiropractic in our Community 

school_1.jpg     Denette Family Chiropractic is helping our community by raising awareness of the amazing potential of the human body, and of the life-force within us.  We do this by talking to community groups and businesses in the Easton area, as well as by holding bi-monthly wellness seminars in our office.

     We are also very active in our local church, and community organizations.  We try to become more involved every day in order to further our goal of making Easton one of the healthiest communities in America.

     Denette Family Chiropractic also holds 4 major drives a year, 3 of these drives go directly back into improving our local community. We have “Spring for Giving,” a drive for the Easton Food Pantry, “Helping Hands for Hospitalized Veterans,” a drive for local hospitalized veterans, and a “Back to School” drive which collects school supplies for Schools on Wheels.  The non-local drive is “Have a Heart, ” which raises funds for Oklahaven, a non-profit chiropractic center that provides care to physically and mentally handicapped  children.