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Why do we call ourselves Denette "Family" Chiropractic?  Two reasons:

1. DFC is run by a husband and wife team, and we do everything we can to promote this family atmosphere in our office.  We love having kids in the office, and we want them to be as comfortable as possible.  We have a collection of kids books, stuffed animals, coloring books, a special adjusting table just for kids, a changing table in our restroom for infants, a reception area just for kids, and an overall safe and fun atmosphere for children.

2. Once most people really understand chiropractic, they want their entire family to experience its benefits.
Our focus is on your family.  We want every single one of you to experience an outrageously healthy lifestyle.  Chiropractic can benefit people throughout every stage of life.  Newborns should get checked to make sure that the birth process did not put pressure on their brainstem, toddlers should be checked as they are learning to walk, children should be checked to make sure that their activities and sports are not misaligning their spines, teens typically do not have the best posture while they are sitting in their classes, college students usually have accidents that start with "hey, watch this," adults have occupational and recreational stresses that affect their spines every single day.  AND THESE ARE JUST THE PYSICAL  STRESSES ON OUR SPINES.  There are also chemical stresses, and most people don't know this, but EMOTIONAL STRESS is the number one cause of vertebral subluxations.

     Just as one sick member of your family adds stress and changes your entire family's routine, one healthier member of your family removes stress and makes life easier.  But why not make sure that every single member of your family can experience the health and wellness benefits of chiropractic?  Money? - We have family plans that make it very affordable to have your entire family under care, and we never want finances to stop anyone from coming through our door.  Time? - Yes, you will need to re-arrange your schedule to bring your family in for care, but for most people their family is the most important part of their life.  Don't they deserve to be functioning at their highest level?  That is the goal of chiropractic care, and that is what we want for you and your family.