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What should you expect on your first visit?

A feeling of hope.

Our office is different.  We have no glass separating you from our employees; stepping into our office feels like you are coming home.  We have created a space that promotes healing, which you will feel the moment you walk through our doors.

When you come in for your first visit, please bring in your paperwork all filled out.  After looking over your paperwork, we will sit down with you and have a consultation.  This your chance to talk with us about your case, and our chance to ask questions.  We use this time to determine if chiropractic can help you.  Please note, that there is never a charge for a consultation.

After the consultation, if you choose to continue, we will perform our initial examinations. These include a spinal exam, digital posture pictures, ranges of motion, and any other tests/procedures deemed necessary.  At the end of the first visit we will collect the fee, and schedule the second visit.

Why do we need to schedule a second visit?  Can't we work on you right then?
  In order to best serve you, we need to review all of the information we collected from your first visit to determine if we can help you.  If we can help you, we take a look at all of our data from all of the exams, determine the best techniques/combination of techniques for you, and create a plan of care that is specific to you at this point in your life.  Our plans are designed to get you the best results as quickly as possible.  Because we need some time to analyze your case and create your plan, we schedule the second visit, called the Report of Findings.

During the Report of Findings we discuss everything that we found from the first visit, if and how we can help you, and answer all of  your questions.

Following the Report of Findings typically comes the first adjustment, if needed.