What are Healthy Habits?

Simply put, healthy habits are actions that are taken on a regular basis to increase your health.
  Some examples include brushing your teeth, getting an adequate amount of sleep, exercising, eating nutritious foods, developing a positive mental attitude, and visiting your chiropractor.

There are two important aspects of healthy habits.

#1 - They need to be done on a regular baisis in order to get the full benefits.  Would you brush your teeth one time, and then throw away your toothbrush?  Would you exercise for an hour on January 1st and then be done for the year?  Of course not!!!  They are called healthy "habits" for a reason.

#2 - You need to be focused on increasing your health - not on fighting a disease/condition/symptom.  This sounds confusing, so follow along with me... Why do you sleep?  Do you get the minimal amount of sleep necessary to not feel too tired the next day, or do you listen to your body, and wake up feeling refreshed and recharged?  We do not know all of the benefits of getting the proper amount of sleep, but we do know that sleep provides many benefits besides removing tiredness.

Why is chiropractic a healthy habit? Because it is a way of keeping your body functioning properly for your entire life!  Just as your car can get a tune-up, your spine and nerve system can be optimized on a regular basis.