Benefits of Chiropractic

People tend to go to a chiropractor for one of four reasons

  1. They have a Symptom such as back pain or neck pain
  2. They have a Major Condition such as diabetes, Chron's disease, or arthritis
  3. They are looking for Prevention
  4. They are looking for Wellness

     Chiropractic has helped people from all four groups.  Many people wonder how this can be, since each person is looking for something so different.  The answer is simple - chiropractors work with healing power of the body.  For example, if you cut your finger, it starts to heal automatically.  You don't have to think about it, it just goes to work.  This is the same power that directed the fertalized egg to keep dividing and put all of the parts of your body in exactly the right place.  This healing power uses the nerve system to organize the body.  The nerve system is responsible for coordinating and controlling every cell, tissue, organ, and system in your body.  It coordinates your movements, it balances your stomach acid, it controls your moods, it directs your immune system, and assimilates over a million bits of information from your body every single second.

     Chiropractors find and remove interference to this nerve system, the communication system of your body, so that every single cell in your body can work as a coordinated unit, instead of a disorganized mess.  When this interference is removed, the body can focus its efforts to correcting a problem - thus removing a pain or symptom.  When this interference is removed, the healing power of the body is allowed to work the way it is supposed to - allowing the body to overcome a major condition.  When this interference is removed, the organized and coordinated body is stronger and better able to resist - leading to prevention.  When this interference is removed, every single part of your body is working at its highest level - leading to true wellness.

So what are the benefits?  It varies from person to person, depending on your health history, and how long the vertebral subluxations have been there.

Common benefits include:

Most people come to our office with one or more symptoms, but when they start under care, other positive changes occur in their lives that they never expected.  There is a shift happening in our society.  More and more people are going to a chiropractor for wellness care - regular checkups for asymptomatic people - just to make sure that their body is "tuned up."

Are there any negative effects of chiropractic?  Some people are sore after the first few adjustments, as the body is starting to get used to having the spinal bones in the proper location again.  Just as your muscles are sore after hitting the gym for the first time in a while, the muscles of the spine need to strengthen to hold the bones in the proper place.  Sometimes this cause soreness in the beginning of care.
Others people go through a process called Retracing.  Retracing is very interesting.  Let's say over the course of 10 years you have back pain, then headaches, then knee pain, then an upset stomach, and back pain again.  You finally come to see us while this back pain is still going on.  Retracing states that you will overcome the back pain, then go through the upset stomach, knee pain, headaches, and back pain again before you get back to being healthy.  You retrace your health history, and go through the symptoms in a reverse order.  Not everyone goes through Retracing, and it is unique for each individual.