Wellness Care

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What is Wellness Care?

To answer that, we need to look at the two different schools of thought in chiropractic.  The first group says that chiropractic is a good treatment for musculoskeletal conditions, such as neck pain and low back pain. Once the pain is gone, there is no need to continue with care.  The second group says that chiropractic is a healthy habit.  By all means, it is great to work on someone to help remove their pain, but the second group is more concerned with how the body is functioning. 

Let's take a look at another profession: Dentistry.  They are there to do root canals and emergency fillings and such if you are in pain.  However, they are also there for routine cleanings and to educate you on what is the best for your teeth - flossing, brushing multiple times a day, etc.  Many people in our society choose to take care of their teeth, in order to keep their teeth as healthy as possible, so they have the greatest chance of avoiding those root canals and fillings.

Taking care of your teeth, because it is the best thing for them is similar to our Wellness Care.  Our Wellness Care consists of taking care of people regardless of their symptoms, or lack thereof, so that they have the greatest chance of being as healthy as possible.  Think of it as flossing or brushing for your spine!  It's pretty simple to have a tooth pulled, or a filling put in if you need it.  It is pretty hard to remove part of your spinal bones or discs, and the success rate is much lower. 

Are you taking better care of your teeth or your spine?